About Me


Hi, I’m Delila Olsson, a writer, content strategist, and business storyteller in Portland, Oregon.  I’ve spent the last several decades learning how to be a more effective communicator:

  • 25 years in early childhood education and parent education
  • 10 years in organizational support and teambuilding
  • 6 years in health and wellness industry marketing
  • Contributing writer for Portland Family Magazine
  • Co-author of e-book, How to Run a Successful Fundraising Auction
  • Author of upcoming book for women on the nature of love and healing

Pretense is my biggest pet peeve; I can hardly stand being around people who posture and pretend. I know from experience, the pain of having to wear a public mask is exhausting. It can leave you feeling lonely and afraid.

On the flip side, living in truth is an ongoing and (sometimes) grueling process.  It takes courage to live authentically, to be true to yourself, to release attachment to what others think of you.

This is why I’ve built my career around leading individuals and teams in the direction of honest, compassionate, real conversation. I love peeling back the layers of pretense to uncover the deeper truth, because truth is what sets us free and allows us to make a real difference individually and in business.

Success isn’t measured by having the shiniest or slickest product or service, but rather by how people feel for having known or done business with you.  That’s why business communication requires an extra degree of care and diligence. When your communication and marketing leaves people feeling good (about them and you) you’ll have repeat business.

It’s a thrill for me to help conscious companies get to the core of their message and project authenticity that enhances their branding, as well as their bottom line.

I’m known for my writing on the following subjects, but my fascination in your work just might inspire me to expand my portfolio:

  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Women’s Issues
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Business Development

If you share my passion for engaging your audience (customers, clients, co-workers, colleagues) at a deeper and more heart-felt level, let’s talk. I may be able to offer some solid support to your writing or marketing efforts.

Care to connect? Let’s meet online at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for some conversation and connection.