Copy Strategy

Want to find key messages that will work best with your audience?

Strategy Sessions are 2 hours in person or over the phone. You’ll walk away with words, phrases, and ideas to spur your next marketing moves into action. This is great choice for anyone who wants a new way to talk about their work. We’ll discuss content strategy, ideas for promotion, and potential resources you’ll need to accomplish what’s next.


Copy Writing

Want to hand over the reins and allow me to do the writing for you?

In this process, we’ll work together to carefully set the tone, intention, and results we want to see. Then I’ll carefully create content that accomplishes our goals. I can create articles, blogs, web content, training manuals, teaching curriculum, flyers, brochures and other types of marketing and sales materials.


Copy Editing

Want to clean up existing copy to strengthen message and correct grammar?

In this process, I work collaboratively with a professional copy editor, while I stay in charge of moving your content and structuring your copy to make it as compelling as possible. If you’re already confident with your message, this will provide the perfect final touches to streamline and amplify your words.


Need me for ongoing projects?

I work on retainer for a handful of clients. Talk to me about your needs.


Need me for a single project?

Based on the scope of the project, I’ll customize a proposal for you.


Click here to learn how my approach might serve your upcoming goals.